During the ACVO National Service Animal Eye Examination in May 2015, I was given scary news about my 5-year-old guide dog.  Since my guide is a Golden Retriever, the biggest worry has been that this news might lead to worse news.  The ophthalmologist recommended that we start with oral supplements of Ocu-GLO™, and that we watch things closely with follow up vision screenings.

I am so thankful that Animal Necessity has worked with the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind to help me give Brody Ocu-GLO™ every day for the past two years.  At our most recent eye exam, our ophthalmologist was thrilled to report again that Brody’s eyes have remained stable, and his vision has not been impaired.  My guide dog continues to be able to guide me, and we will celebrate his 7th birthday next month.   Thank you Ocu-GLO™!

~ Dana T. and Brody

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