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Helping Our Pets’ “Body Police” Do Their Job….Naturally

What can we do to help our pets live the healthiest and longest lives possible with their human families? One very important answer to this question is to do all we can to help keep their immune systems as healthy as possible.

What can impair or damage the immune system? Genetics, environmental toxins, dietary indiscretion, aging, and daily oxidative stress play big roles in affecting our pets’ immune systems— just as they do for our own immune systems. These factors weaken the immune system, causing it to work harder than it was designed to function. The immune system is an incredibly intricate network of organs and cells that “talk to each other” in many ways and is designed to protect the body against internal and external stressors.

When it is working as nature intended, the body is able to function at its highest level, much like a finely tuned sports car.

If the immune system is overworked and on “overstimulated” high alert, it will eventually malfunction. This means that it might over-react or under-react to a typical stimulus, resulting in less than optimal performance.

Imuno-2865™ is a first responder all-natural supplement that may help to reduce the body’s normal inflammatory response and promote both normalization and balance of immune function. Appropriate immune function requires effective natural killer cell cytotoxicity, phagocytosis and nitric oxide production. Specifically, beta glucans are very active immuno-supportive agents, helping to enhance the immune system through activation of macrophages, T cells, and natural killer cells. Beta glucans modulate the host defense system by selectively priming the functions of macrophages and neutrophils, without activating leukocytes or generating cytokines.

Imuno-2865™ is a blend of natural plant-derived hemicellulose  (high molecular weight polysaccarharide complex) extracts that are both potent immunostimulators and immunomodulators, designed to help balance and support a healthy immune system. Hemicelluloses are heteropolymers found in cell walls of plants and fungi, and are less complex than primary cell wall polysaccharides such as cellulose.  The special laboratory extraction process used to obtain hemicellulose extracts enhances immune stimulating and modulating effects, thus, allowing Imuno-2865™ to be much more digestible, thus making it an ideal oral supplement.

The hemicellulose blend in Imuno-2865™ contains:

Arabinogalactan: Derived from the bark of larch trees, it may help aid in the support of healthy natural killer (NK) cell activity.

Arabinogalactan: Helps support the immune system and a healthy metabolism, thereby supporting normal blood sugar levels. It may also aid in digestion by providing an important part of dietary fiber essential for a healthy gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Several hemicellose compounds exist in nature; of them, the arabinoxylanes in Imuno-2865™ are thought to be the most potent immunostimulators.


A Novel Fatty Acid extracted from a natural blend of Graminiae (true grasses) and Dioscoreaceae (yams) plant families and a proprietary blend of several species of mushrooms.

The beta glucans in Imuno-2865™ have a micro-particulate size of 1-2 microns, and are absorbed through the intestine and ingested by macrophages. Optimal GI absorption occurs when the particulate size is 1 to 2 microns, and this small size potentiates the immune response. Once in the lymphatic system, macrophages containing beta glucans potentiate T, B, and Natural Killer cell function in the immune cascade.  Immune potentiation by beta glucans depends on the amount ingested; therefore, optimal ingestion (and therefore the quickest immune response) occurs when beta glucans are micro-particulate in size. Quicker absorption = quicker action.

Therefore, Imuno-2865™ is a novel, natural supplement designed specifically for healthy canine and feline immune support:

  • It helps support healthy GI function
  • It works to enhance normal immune system response and activity
  • It is an immunostimulator
  • It is an immunomodulator
  • It boosts circulating lymphocyte production
  • It promotes cytokine production
  • It helps modulate and normalize macrophage function while also stimulating their proliferation
  • It enhances phagocytosis
  • It increases natural killer cell destruction

And, together with balanced nutrition and exercise, Imuno-2865™ can help your pet continue to enjoy a long, happy life— providing essential elements in giving your pets the healthiest immune system and the healthiest lives possible.

Help make that happen!

And as you share your life with your pets, be healthy together! Exercise with your pets, eat right with your pets and balance their immune systems with Imuno-2865™.