Thank you for your interest in Ocu-GLO®!

Dear Aussie Pet Parents,

At this time we are no longer able to import Ocu-GLO® into Australia. The import permit currently can not be renewed. Please read below the letter from our Australian distributor, Allfarm Animal Health.

This letter is to indicate Allfarm Animal Health have asked veterinarians to stop prescribing Ocu-GLO®. This letter may back up information from your veterinarian. Please read on so you can get more details.

This letter originates from Allfarm Animal Health in Victoria. You are being contacted because your veterinary practice prescribed for the purchase of Ocu-GLO® from Allfarm Animal Health. Ocu-GLO® is manufactured in the USA by Animal Necessity and is a vision supplement sold only by veterinary prescription in Australia.

In order to use Ocu-GLO® in Australia a valid import permit is mandatory. As a result of changed import permit conditions, the suppliers of Ocu-GLO® in the US have not been able to resolve the main issues. Allfarm are unable to renew the import permit. Our old permit is expired.

There are other formats of Ocu-GLO®, but the processes and ingredients used for manufacture also do not meet Australian import risk standards, and require product to be gamma irradiated prior to importation clearance in Australia. Allfarm are not prepared to accept the risk of the impact this may have on OcuGLO efficacy. Alternative formulae contain other ingredients of quarantine significance and are not subject to adequate temperature time lines during manufacture. The gel capsules, due to the heat processes used during manufacture, are the most low risk form of Ocu-GLO® to import. However, gelatine is critical in gel cap manufacture.

Allfarm has will sell out of Ocu-GLO® during May 2022. I appreciate this letter is posted at short notice, but I left this to the last minute hoping a solution could be found. We have been trying to resolve the import permit issue for months. Allfarm is disappointed Animal Necessity could not achieve a solution. The support from Veterinarians around Australia has been appreciated, and the feedback from customers has always been positive. I am very sorry I needed to write this letter, as I have seen the difference this product makes to clients dogs welfare.

Again I apologize, as I too have a strong belief in Ocu-GLO®. Animal Necessity has done a great job supporting the efficacy of this product through good science. No one however can anticipate the shifting sands of quarantine. This event has buried us!

Many thanks for your support, and believe me I too am extremely disappointed. We will notify you if we are able to resolve matters.

Grant Richards, Veterinarian, Allfarm Animal Health