Our Commitment To Quality

At Animal Necessity, customer satisfaction and product safety are our highest priorities. We take pride in ensuring our supplements and ingredients are sourced, manufactured, and finally delivered to you in it's purest and safest form. We ensure this by keeping a close watch on our supply chain and working with only trusted partners to deliver your supplements.

Animal Necessity is a proud member of the National Animal Supplement Council - a nonprofit industry group dedicated to protecting and enhancing the health of companion animals and horses throughout the United States. Our supplements display the NASC Quality Seal, which ensures you can trust they come from a reputable company that has successfully passed an independent quality audit under FDA guidelines. When purchasing a supplement made by Animal Necessity, you can be sure our best practices and controlled distribution methods are in place - all the way to you.

If you are ordering Animal Necessity supplements online or through distribution, please use only the authorized dealers below. If you are purchasing from your local veterinarian, or outside of the United States, please visit our Where To Buy page. Canadian visitors: please click here, and Australian visitors: please click here. Products purchased from unauthorized dealers are not subject to returns, and we can not guarantee their authenticity or supply chain management.

Authorized US Online Resellers

Vet Rx Direct
Zquared on Amazon
Only Natural Pet

Authorized US Distributors

MWI Animal Health
Patterson Veterinary
Spot-On Specialties, Inc.
HSB Veterinary Supply

For our Australian pet parents, please read the letter from Allfarm Animal Health here.