Animal Necessity
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Welcome To Animal Necessity!

Our Mission:  To help animals live healthier lives, by providing our comprehensive approach to animal wellness.
We incorporate current research with pharmaceutical-grade nutraceuticals to create products of the highest quality
and purity. We drive advancement in animal wellness by developing our veterinary dietary supplements through
natural, holistic and scientific methods.

Our Vision:  Animal Necessity is at the forefront of the development and promotion of holistic, protocol-based approaches
to animal wellness, integrating Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) with traditional medicine.
Our standard of support of animal wellness is based on three core values:

Use of the highest quality ingredients
Formulations backed by sound scientific research
A holistic approach to animal wellness

Animal Necessity focuses on delivering high-quality nutritional products and services to veterinary health professionals and pet owners around the world. We know that the wellbeing of animals worldwide depends on the purity, quality, and integrity of our nutraceuticals. Our holistic approach to health maintenance has been developed over the past 35 years by Dr. Norma Pestano, an orthomolecular nutritionist. Dr. Pestano's extensive research in the development of supplements and wellness protocols helps maintain health, and helps support prevention of disease onset by optimizing nutritional intake.

Dr. Pestano has partnered with leading doctors of veterinary medicine (DVMs), including board-certified veterinary specialists, to apply many of these human-based protocols to companion animals and marine mammals. Animal Necessity provides over two dozen veterinary products for support of animal nutritional needs, both in health and in disease. Animal Necessity values and respects the human-animal bond, and we are committed in our efforts to provide relevant information that veterinarians and pet owners need to support animal health.

Read about our Veterinary Advisory Panel below!

Meet our Veterinary and Medical Team
Dr. Norma Pestano
Consulting Physician for Animal Necessity


Nombre - Norma Pestano
Nacionalidad - USA
Estado civil - Casada
Lugar de nacimiento - Cuba
Doctora en Medicina
Universidad Central del Este
San Pedro de Macoris. RD
Graduada -- 1983
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Dr. Johanna Mejia-Fava, DVM
Co-Founder, Animal Necessity

Dr. Johanna Mejia-Fava has spent the past 10 years developing her expertise in marine mammal veterinary medicine. A graduate of Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine, she is completing her doctorate in marine mammal ophthalmology, and is also completing her three-year residency in zoo and aquatic medicine at the University of Georgia and Georgia Aquarium.

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Dr. Carmen Colitz, PhD, DACVO
Consulting Veterinarian for Animal Necessity
Co-Founder, Animal HealthQuest LLC

For Dr. Carmen Colitz, every day is a blessing and an opportunity to use her veterinary skills to improve the lives of animals.

Her passion for helping animals exudes not only from her work as one of the world's leading veterinary ophthalmologists, but also at her home that she shares with eight pets: three dogs and five cats, some named after football players.

"My career journey naturally evolved. In veterinary school, I knew I wanted to become an ophthalmologist, and I was inspired by the complete process of cataract surgery and the positive outcomes I saw in animals' and owners' lives afterwards," she says. "Since then, I have been singularly focused on improving the eye health of dogs, cats, horses, and also of aquatic animals."

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Dr. Terri McCalla, MS, DACVO
Consulting Veterinarian for Animal Necessity
Co-Founder, Animal HealthQuest LLC

A board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist since 1989, Terri McCalla, DVM MS DACVO has a strong interest in retinal pathology with an MS in Comparative Veterinary Pathology. She is a co-founder of Animal HealthQuest LLC, the creator of the canine vision nutraceutical
Ocu-GLO Rx™, and also owns Animal Eye Care LLC, a private referral ophthalmology practice in Bellingham, Washington.

"Restoring vision to an animal, or preserving vision where it could have been lost, is a wonderful thing to witness and share with the pet owner," she said. "I see exciting trends in how veterinary ophthalmologists are now embracing CAM—complementary and alternative medicine—which may help support the health of animal eyes. I strongly believe that integrative medicine, including carefully designed supplements, can help our pets' health, just as they can help people."

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